Weight loss

One of my sons made the cutting observation that I’d been on a diet for as long as he’s know me but never seemed to lose weight. He’s right, I’ve spent the last 20 years yo-yoing and the pounds have slowly crept on until the scales have tipped 12 stone. I have a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes that I can’t get into and I don’t have the heart to chuck them so this is my commit-to-paper opportunity to do something about it.

My problem with most diets is that they’re too prescriptive, often faddish and feature food I don’t like and wouldn’t normally eat.
Last year I spent a lot of money buying access to the ‘metabolic balance diet’ This has been hailed as the go-to weight loss diet for glitterati like Sam Smith and James Cordon. In fairness, they’ve both lost a shed load of weightbut unless you have a celebrity-like loaded purse then in my view, it’s a very expensive way to be told not to eat much.alcohol-and-fat-loss-wine


I’m starting 2017 with a desire to find a diet that works so I’ve gone hardcore and for a month am avoiding alcohol – I’ll let you know how I get on. x